Barbara Ellmann has been working with encaustic paint for over twenty years, often creating modular, multi-panel works. Paintings from about the last decade, like those included in AN OPEN BOOK, all measure 24 inches by 24 inches. Each painting is created individually and receives its own title, but they are always exhibited in groupings, which receive their own names. The imagery in these works varies greatly, some reminiscent of urban settings, others more rural, or natural, and still others suggest multicultural fabric and craft patterning. All represent Ellmann’s responses to place. These arrangements (two 20-part, two 30-part) were created site-specifically by the curator, Sophia Marisa Lucas, and Ellmann. Many of the paintings have been exhibited in different groupings over the years; their unfixed, permutable nature is critical to the invitation for viewers to engage with the work by following their own eyes and their own associations.